Local (docker compose)

This setup is not suitable for production use as the data is not persistent and environment variables are not kept secret.

Elasticsearch and Milvus are required to run the Denser Retriever. They support the keyword search and vector search respectively. We follow the following instructions to install Elasticsearch and Milvus on a local host (for example, your laptop).


Requirements: docker and docker compose, both are included in Docker Desktop for Mac or Windows users.

Download the YAML file

Download docker-compose.dev.yml and save it as docker-compose.yml manually, or with the following command.

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/denser-org/denser-retriever/main/docker-compose.dev.yml -O docker-compose.yml

Start the services

Start the services with the following command.

docker compose up -d

The Elasticsearch and Milvus services will be started in the background. You can check the status of the services with the following command.

docker compose ps


Optionally, we can run the following command to verify that the Milvus is correctly installed.

poetry run python -m pytest tests/test_retriever_milvus.py

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